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Prarvi Presents you an exclusive store for high quality ethnic outfits to fulfil all your style goals. These stunning outfits are all handmade and are intricately made by highly skilled artisans with ethnic motifs right from moderate to heavy embroidery work.

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Hair Product

Hair Product

These hairpieces are great for women with negligible hair loss but are... 

Designer Blouse

Designer Blouse

Designer blouses with sophisticated look with evergreen silhouettes 

How To Select A Designer Blouse

Saree is a garment traditionally worn in India and is also one of the most famous Indian attire accepted all over the world. It is still supposed to be the attire that is best known for its sensuality as well as elegance and style that has influenced a lot of fashion designers across the globe.


A Design Journey Since Childhood

I was always fancied by mom's work in running her Boutique and helped her in doing her work as early as 5th grade. I wore the most exciting and beautiful dresses as I grew up because my mom could make them for me.



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