Types of Blouses Based On Body Types

Types of Blouses Based On Body Types

Women’s wardrobe is incomplete without ethnic drape as Saree/lehengas is the staple of our women hood and is one clothing that fits all the women and looks graceful on all body types making them timeless classic. A saree gives a lady an attractive, beautiful, and fashionable appearance. It's a versatile ensemble that can be worn to nearly any event from grand weddings to fancy cocktail parties,

from daily work to causal get-togethers, saree remains a no brainer for any kind of occasion. 

We often spend a lot of time in figuring out which saree or lehengas to wear for upcoming event but mostly we end up ignoring the most important aspect of the overall look- The Blouse.

Yesses ‘The Blouse’.  All bodies are Beautiful and thus Choosing the perfect blouse starts with selecting the one which complements your body type and getting the proportions right because even the most spectacular and high end designer outfit cannot look complete if not teamed up with a suitable and well fitted blouse and so it’s very important to pick the perfect blouse as per your body type.

Here we have curated this blog specifically to guide you with some important tips and formulas to choose the perfect blouse than flaunt your body type and “make your look” and to help you always style yourself according to your body type so that you wear the right to flaunt your assets.

Go through this Style Guide on How to Pick that Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type & help yourself in selecting the saree blouse design for you.


1)Apple Shaped Body Type:

Characteristics of apple body shape are large bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips and a full midsection with slender legs and flat bottoms.

What to wear:

Plain blouses stitched out of light fabrics like crepe, satin, georgette etc having elbow or full sleeves in a single colour can work wonders for you. Keep your silhouette fitted under the bust, below your arms, and along your waist.

Try to avoid heavy embroidery work and big prints around the chest and plunging necklines and very deep neck blouses.

2)Pear Shaped Body Type:

Characteristics of pear body shape also known as triangular frame are that your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulder and bust and have defined waist that is narrow compared to your hips I.e you are heavier on the bottom than than on the top.

What to wear:

To balance out your overall silhouette, choose the blouses that accentuate your top half as well as your defined waist. Look for designs with fancy necklines or ones with heavy embellishments. You can also go for well padded designed to enhance bust volume to help create a proportioned frame.

for eg: pemplum blouses ,cowl neck blouses also the ones longer in length with bright colors and heavy fabric like brocade, velvet and Tusshar silk are perfect for such body types.

Try to avoid short and corset style blouses that press tightly against the upper body makes it look smaller.

3)Inverted Triangle Shaped Body Type:

Characteristics of inverted body shape is that you have prominent shoulders that are much broader than your hips with heavier bust and tight waist.

What to wear:

Off-shoulder ,peasant cut or boat neck blouses with shorter sleeves is a good option for such a body type to balance out the bust area while highlighting your strongest assets  i.e your shoulders that demand to be highlighted smartly and proportionately.

Try to avoid blouses with noodle straps ,high neck ,heavy padding and heavy embellishments work blouses.

4)Hour glass Shaped Body Type:

Characteristics of a hour glass body shape are that the bust and hips are of same size with a well defined waist which is narrower than the bust and hips.It is supposed to be the most ideal body types with perfect proportions between upper and lower body along with narrow waist.

What to wear:

Scoop neck blouses, noodle straps, corset style ,halter necks, long sleeves and even you can go crazy with all other styles that you want to try out.

Try to avoid long length and top style blouses if you want to flaunt your waistline and curves.

Ultimate Key Mantra:

No matter how popular that particular blouse design is if it doesn't look good on you, it is of complete no use to you and so before you get that to your wardrobe it is very important to know which design suits your body as a lot many clothes that seem perfect on mannequins in the shops and the models on those online shopping websites can make you feel uncomfortable because the ideal blouse design for you depends on several factors including your body styles to rightly flatter the curves of your body.

Feel free to take your required insights from the above tutorial and flaunt your flawless looks! But always remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. Wear your confidence, so nothing steals your shine

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