A Design Journey Since Childhood

I was always fancied by mom's work in running her Boutique and helped her in doing her work as early as 5th grade. I wore the most exciting and beautiful dresses as I grew up because my mom could make them for me. I always carried that sense of style and fashion with me when I went to do my Engineering, PG Diploma in Advanced Computing from CDAC and later when I joined as Research Associate at IIMA.

While I was climbing the corporate ladder later as a Director for Essex Lake Group, I never gave up on my association with Fashion and completed my course in Design at the National Institute of Fashion Design in India. I continued my work in the corporate and startup space by launching MapMyLearning which combined my educational background and recent learnings in the Analytics world.

In 2015, I decided to move to a women's business for women's needs and launched Prarvi LLC where I focused on Hair Extensions and Wigs. Over the 6 years, Prarvi has become a successful business and a brand for its quality and reliability in Hair Business. It has added employment to about 80 poor women in the state of Bengal in India who are adding to their families well being. Our business is also adding to the temple's charity funds from where the hair is being purchased and being used in feeding and sustaining the needy. I am very proud of what I have achieved on this believe that Prarvi will continue to become environment friendly and work with women workers in their upliftment via sustainable employment.

Another major employment for women is in areas of stitching, embroidery and zari work in India. I am building Prarvi further in the USA to combine my Fashion Designer experience with the modern needs of the USA market. By combining handwork with an ability to do custom design, I am bringing an affordable yet fancy, and trendy design to my customers in the USA. My journey has been very successful for the last 6 years and I am looking forward to a style to you and also bring the smiles to the life of many women workers who are contributing to the making of Prarvi.